The red sorrows left me with the blue ink. They left me for the blue ink.

-Aman Ahuja

About Me


I was born on May 27, 2000 at Hoshangabad, (state of, Madhya Pradesh; undivided) India.

Child Life:

The days of my early life were worst. I was living just because I was breathing (no objective).

Middle Life:

However, with the arrival of middle life in my Life, I soon start becoming sensible and questionable. In everything and everybody, I see, Why? How? When? What? Which? Who? etc.

Current Life:

My present life is the best part of my Life, I have ever lived for. With a busy schedule of 20 hours a day(excluding Sundays), I enjoy my Life. Because, "Nothing Can More Be Best To Me Than To Stay Busy Always".


I started my Primary Education usually very late; at the age of 4. My education upto class 6th was done at Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh.

Right after, having completed my class 6th, I, along with my family, shifted to Raipur, Chhattisgarh and continued my Middle and Higher Education from here.

Since from my childhood, I was keen interested in Business and Finance (even when was knowing them). So, I decided to choose Commerce and Management as my Career.

I applied for, B.Com(H) {Bachelor Of Commerce; Honours} Programme at Raipur. But, while persuing my third semester, I dropped-out the course in the mid, right after the completion of my 45 Days Internship at Samsung Electronics India Pvt. Ltd.(Chhattisgarh Circle).

Lastly and presently, I am persuing the 3% talent in the World: Actuarial Sciences from Institute Of Actuaries Of India (IAI).

Future Goals:

Right from my childhood, my future was pre-deciced; that's practicing Business. That is also the biggest dream of my Life to incorporate a Company or the Corporate (Inc.).

Left out the programme....

When I was in the third semester, my college offered an Internship Opportunity for the second and third year students, exclusively for B.Com(H) and BBA programmes. At there, I was selected by Samsung Electronics and after attending a one-week training programme, I was got placed at one of the city's best outlet. And, after the completion, I suddenly dropped-out the B.Com(H) College, because, at that time, I realized, "That's not the place where I should belong to and that's not the goal what I have planned". Meanwhile, I got an another offer from Nexa India (A Maruti Suzuki Corporation), but, ultimately, I proudly rejected that.

And, presently, I am involved in my own Business, my own Company. But, that's a top-secret to which I expose soon with the World.

Writing Portfolio:

My Writing Portfolio is clearly, Inspirational. Yes, my almost all of the Writing Works are related to the category of Inspiration/ Motivation/ Encouragement/ Upliftment.

Wherever there is a darkness of Failure, Mistakes and Problems etc. there is a light of my pen of Inspiration. And, wherever there is a hope of Dreams, Success and Efforts etc. there is a shadow of my pen of Life.

Thank You

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